Murray Spear:

Assistant Director

Murray is our longest serving member of GYP. His last performance for the company was as Demetrius in our 2017 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Unable to quite leave the company behind him, he is instead embracing the backstage role of assistant director. You may not see him appear on our stages but he will be carrying the production from behind-the-scenes with our wonderful director.

Edward Derbyshire:


Edward is a local director, actor, teacher and translator. His professional theatre company, the Dramestics, goes into peoples homes and performs in our living spaces. Edward also founded the Gloucestershire Youth Players (GYP), the UKs only touring youth theatre performing solely Shakespeare. In his spare time, he writes poetry. He has written for friends weddings and funerals, but also to express his reactions to the environment, and the important people in his life. He has had a correspondence with his father in poetic form. Some of the poems he performs arose from this familial dynamic; others express a connection with his own experiences. From Age to Age is a new project drawing upon all these various influences in his life.