Twelfth Night 2008:

Our policy of including young audiences proved worthwhile at a performance of our first production Twelfth Night, when parties from several schools came to a free performance at Cheltenham College Junior School. We were particularly encouraged to play to pupils on enrichment programmes, people initially sceptical about Shakespeare and his relevance to today, who gained a new understanding as they saw it performed.

Charitable collections started at CCJS towards theatre education programmes for under privileged youths have now exceeded £1000, bolstering our aim to bring the theatre closer to young people.

We were privileged to be invited to perform at Longborough Festival Opera . The show then transferred to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s open-air Dell Theatre in Stratford upon Avon.


Hamlet 2009:

GYP performed their production of Hamlet. They returned to perform at Longborough Festival Opera and the RSC Dell, as well as performing at The Space in Stroud, Wadham College, Oxford and The Nave, London.

Set in the morally contradictory 1930s amidst economic uncertainty and ruin, and the rising and ominous power of Hitler’s Germany to the south, the play aims to explore the political, economic and sociological tensions and unrest spurred by the decay of the old world order at the beginning of the end of the old European empires.  A fast paced, ensemble led production that breathes new life into one of the greatest texts of all time.

A Midsummer Night's Dream 2010:

There were four performances of this darkly humorous, highly-paced, energetic show at the Royal Shakespeare Company's Dell Theatre, with audiences exceeding 250 per show. The group were also privileged to perform once again at Longborough Festival Opera. Amongst the reviews we received, we were thrilled to hear that we 'engaged youngsters who were quite sceptical about Shakespeare' and that it was considered 'the best show yet by GYP.'

GYP was also honoured to be asked to perform evening shows in three local secondary and primary schools, to excellent reviews and further bookings for 2011.

Romeo and Juliet 2012

Much Ado about Nothing 2013

The Tempest 2014

GYP were delighted to perform for the first time at The Tobacco Factory in Bristol as well as to return to Longborough Opera House. There were  10 performances in a mixture of indoor and outdoor venues. Only one of the performances was troubled with rain but the Painswick Rococo Garden allowed us to use their conservatory.

The performance, whereby the play (in abbreviated form) was played twice in two very different interpretations, was very well received. The actors played different roles in each half and this provided an excellent chance for ensemble working.