Who Are We?

Gloucestershire Youth Players (GYP) is a ticket-funded and audience-supported inclusive, professionally-aspirant youth theatre company which performs solely Shakespeare's plays in and around Gloucestershire and our neighbouring counties.

Founded in 2006, the company's aim is to bring Shakespeare to life in an invigorating and accessible way to an ever-varied and growing audience.

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary season with a fast-paced, energetic 

'As You Like It', 

with our biggest ever ensemble of young actors

Visit us at www.gyptheatre.org

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For tickets for our 16-26 July tour to a wide variety of wonderful venues, please scan the QR code or click the 'Book Now' button below.

Feedback from Tempest 2014 and Much Ado 2013:

'My heartfelt congratulations to you and your talented company. I really love to see our incredible young people being given such opportunity and exposure. Your innovative approach was exciting to see - it asked as many questions as it answered...'

'Your productions give great pleasure to many people and help to bring drama out to rural areas in a way professional companies never have – and your standards are so high… '

'What sheer joy it was to see your wonderful performance...I am so glad I came and hope we might enjoy your company - literally and metaphorically - next year.'

Our professional artist-in-residence, Catherine Faulkner (GYP 2010-2012, actor and artist), has designed our 2013 logo. Her stunning and highly original professional work and commissions can be viewed and taken on www.catherinefaulkner.tumblr.com and CFaulkner3@uni.brighton.ac.uk
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We are a completely voluntary organisation if you would like to sponsor, donate or advertise with us you may find more information here